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The agriturismo

A choice of change

Our family business was born, as so often happens, of a wish of change in our lives, of slowing down, a strong desire and perhaps a touch audacious. And so was that 15 years ago this adventure begun. Not at all easy in the beginning, but with passion, persistence and a lot of
effort, we're still walking forward. What comes back to us is quality of life, in the countryside among hills, quality of time, of food and being in touch with guests, and their stories, from many different places. We believe that this is an adequate recompense to the laborious work in the


Our philosophy


We can try together a different path...

The challenge in front of everybody today is the will to deeply change our way of living that nowadays has become a burden for the planet. To revise our point of view, radically and quickly, is a matter of good sense, to change before a reality always evolving. In our small circumstances we try to reduce our environmental footprint, from clean energy to producing part of our own food, recycling garbage and buying ingredients grown in our area and in the right season.

Regarding the matter of energy saving, we installed a biomass boiler (wood) for our heating system, solar panels for hot water and solar cells for electricity.

It's not easy though: when you believe you have made great progress, you often see that in another one-hundred areas something more can be done. But it's true that one has to start somewhere, one step at a time!

... beginning from what we eat

We cultivate hazelnuts, fruit, vegetables, aromatic and wild herbs and different kind of berries; part of our fields are woods for heating the house.

We live here and eat what we grow: the most logical choice is to abandon chemical fertilizers in favor of organic ones, and that applies to antiparasitic solutions as well, both a danger for our health. When possible some parasites are removed by hand, and for everything else we use various methods of biological control, such as products like Bacillus thuringiensis and Neem oil, and also coloured traps against insects.

In the dishes we prepare, we use for the most part ingredient we produce, each one only in the right season, it is a kind of cooking "Km 0", or rather "meter 0".