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The cooking

From our garden to your dish

Our cooking blends dishes from the local tradition (Langhe and Piemonte) to other dishes a bit more creative. We always seek to value our products: vegetables, fruit, hazelnuts, eggs, aromatic and wild herbs, they all become the center of our courses.

Everything is cooked with fresh ingredients, only on their right season, that is why booking beforehand is needed.

Booking, prices, menu

Being a family business, the number of seats available is limited. For groups or ceremonies is possible plan the menu together beforehand.

From december to Easter only groups of at least 15 people.

The average prices for lunch or dinner are between 22 and 35 euro; for groups of more than 20 people we offer special prices. From May to september there's the possibility to eat lunch and "merende sinoire" (early dinner) with the buffet solution, outside the dining room.

Contact us for more info about the various possibilities.


Revising the tradition

We like to rediscover the so called "granny's recipes", though we like also, where it is possible, to put some of our style into it. Make way to the creativity!
You may try:
  • carrè tonnato with paprika
  • homemade tajarin with meat "ragù"
  • typical piedmontese homemade "agnolotti"
  • roast-beef with anchoves
  • typical hazelnut cake
  • bonet (typical sweet pudding)

We love vegetables

The vegetable garden is our pantry: it offers us various colors and flavors to create many variations of the traditional.
You may try:
  • salted herbs crumble
  • dip of fava beans and mint
  • meatballs with pumpkin puree
  • tajarin with aubergines pesto and vegetables
  • lasagna with potatoes, pesto and scamorza
  • warm potatoes salad with olives and cherry tomatoes

Hazelnuts: a touch more

Hazelnut means Langa. A versatile nut of this beautiful territory, we use it everywhere. From antipasto to the dessert.
You may try:
  • salads with crunchy chicken and hazelnuts
  • tajarin with borage and hazelnut pesto
  • soft roast with hazelnuts
  • ricotta cheese and hazelnut tart with cocoa
  • sweet cup with hazelnut cream
  • blackberry crumble

Quality matters

We like to eat well and we buy ingredients from trusted local businesses.
  • butcher's shop "Masino", Bra
  • cheese of "Giolito Formaggi", Bra
  • honey of "Cascina Pizzo", Mondovì
  • flour of "Mulino Marino", Cossano Belbo
  • spices, legumes, rice and groceries of "Sardo & Quaglia", Bra

Everyone at the table!

We like light cuisine, simple, without too many embellishments or heavy seasoning difficult to digest, or cooking that alters the healthiness of the ingredients. A healthy cuisine, tasty, with a keen attention for food intolerances. It is important and necessary to inform us first 🙂

Yes, we veg!

Are you vegetarian or vegan? No problem! Here you won't have to make due with a scrawny salad, meanwhile you see a stream of dishes you have to renounce. The menu has been studied so that you won't miss anything.